What does ICMEA-UK do?

....and who can we work with?

Our team of UK and Italian engineers have expertise in a range of disciplines and can apply their knowledge and experience along with a “team” approach to solving tricky problems where an engineering solution is needed.

Typically we work in collaboration with R&D centres of large corporate companies (commonly in a process industry), universities, and technology start-ups.  We have also been involved as a partner in government funded R&D projects (eg Innovate grants).

We are able to use custom engineering modelling, intelligent design, and deep understanding of fundamental engineering principles to turn initial small-scale ideas into pilot scale equipment, or into a full workable solution. 

Our approach can start from just an initial idea of a process, which we will work up to a pilot scale, or from an idea which has worked on a “lab scale” but now needs to be scaled up further.  We can deliver fully working plant on an industrial scale, if that is what is needed.

Our approach is bespoke to each piece of work we do, and we are not afraid of tackling the unknown and things that haven’t been tried before! 

Fundamentally, our aim is to help companies find engineering solutions to their tricky problems.

If it sounds like we could help you to take your concept to reality, and realise your innovative ideas, please get in touch – we’d love to chat about your ideas.

If no one else can build it – we probably can!

Turning ideas into reality.....

Our experience....

Over the years, ICMEA has gained a wide range of experience, and been involved in a range of situations.  Here are some of the projects, and pieces of work we’ve undertaken, and been involved in:

  • Renewable energy including:
    Biogas generation, biomass treatment, fuel injection systems, anaerobic digestion, CO2 capture, renewable power plants.
  • Bio-Chemical waste-water treatment
  • Flue gas cleaning systems
  • Fluidised Bed Reactors
  • Pyrolysis
  • Manufacturing customized products
  • Combined Heat and Power systems
  • Medical products

We specialise in working with others to scale up innovations.  We can start with an idea and produce a workable pilot scale rig; or can take a process from a small scale (Lab / Bench-top) to a Pilot Scale operation, or demonstrator.

Teamwork is critical to what we do – both internally within ICMEA, but also with our Customers and Partners.  We will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve and to ensure that your needs are met.  We can take on specific pieces of work, or are happy to consider being part of collaborative projects, eg through Innovate UK.


We are able to provide a range of services depending on our customers' needs.  Here are some of the types of thing we can do, but if what you need is not listed, please get in touch, as we're happy to chat about whether we can help you.


ICMEA-UK engineered and built a "first of its kind" novel pyrolysis system (50kg/hr), including developing the control and sensor system, for a start-up company.

Minerals processing

Mathematical modelling, CAD design and building a fluidised bed (30kg/batch) for processing a difficult (fine and dense) mineral feedstock with a hazardous gas for a corporate client.

Water treatment - novel sewage treatment system

Designing and building reactors (each 5m3) for research on novel water treatment at a University.

Medical Products

ICMEA UK have been part of a consortium working on a next generation tooth repair system.

Who do we work with?

We work within a wide range of sectors that require our deep engineering understanding, backed by our broad experience.

If your sector or situation isn't specifically mentioned below, please get in touch, we'd love to discuss your ideas with you.
  • We work with clients to take their innovative process to the next stage.
  • This may mean that we work with Research and Development teams that have developed a bench-top system, and need to scale this up
  • In some cases, trials may have been run at pilot scale (using standard equipment), but this needs to be scaled up
  • We can work to design and build a pilot plant / demonstrator - taking innovative ideas to the next stage
  • For high-value / small scale processes we may design a final plant
  • For high volume processes we may do some or all of the design work to support another Contractor's building work
  • Essentially, and crucially for you - we're very flexible!
  • We are happy to collaborate on Innovate-UK, BEIS, EU and other grants.  We can also assist with consortium building for projects from within our network.
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Which sectors can we work in?

Process Industries

We support customers in process industries by solving a range of problems including: 

* Scaling up a new process especially from lab scale to pilot scale built with industrial components. We can also build lab scale equipment with sophisticated control systems and monitoring. 
* Design and manufacture of wastewater treatment systems 
* Design and manufacture of gas scrubbing systems and other emissions treatments 
* Improvement of energy efficiency through plant modification or adding energy recovery. 
* Energy from waste through anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, gasification, or combustion. 

Some examples of our work: 
• Water treatment - Design and manufacture of a novel sewage treatment system taking a laboratory bench top system to a 6m tall, semi-industrial system. 
- Detailed redesign of sewage treatment plant to reduce waste disposal volumes and improve energy efficiency. 
• Pharmaceutical - Biochemical process for the treatment of complex process water allowing discharge into establish water treatment systems. 
• Minerals -  Hot (750°C), reactive gas processing in a fluidised bed for conversion of a mineral to a more valuable product. 
-  Waste processing - Pyrolysis system for a wastepaper plant using unrecyclable waste and providing process energy. 


Universities and Research Centres

We can help universities and other researchers take their research to the next level through scale-up, pilot plants and demonstrators.

Using your detailed knowledge of the physics/ chemistry/ biology of your research, along with our engineering expertise, we can help take your research out of the lab to the next stage and beyond.  From small, automated bench top systems to large demonstrators – we provide the engineering skills to allow you to develop your process or system further

We also build test rigs and systems, including specialist climate control chambers and mechanical test systems. 


From your initial innovative ideas for a process, you’ve taken steps such as setting up your own company and raising finance, but obviously need to now prove to investors that it can work – we can help!

We can help build an automated system, or scale up your innovation to a pilot plant or demonstrator. 

We can help improve process efficiency, and look at alternative methods to achieve results

We can also support you with plans for scaling up even further – for example, estimating costs of further scale-up as part of your business planning.

For smaller pilot units we have the resources to host and run systems, providing a flexible source of labour to take your idea forwards